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Salon Services Super Hold Hairspray 750ml
$ 8,24 $ 11,94

Formulated with a professional salon formula, this quality Super Hold Hairspray is perfect for proving control and volume whilst maintaining super...

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$ 9,61

An essential nail product for every manicure, Salon Services’ Acetone is a 2-in-1 product, ideal for the removal of both nail polish and artificial...

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$ 4,11

This high quality, ABS anti-static cutting comb from Salon Services is ideal for taming frizzy hair and fly-aways. Featuring a half tooth for easy...

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$ 7,27

Ambidextrous and disposable Salon Services Clear Latex Gloves are comfortable and safe for use with hair dyes and cleaning products. This pack of 10...

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$ 2,41

Treat cuticles with the Salon Services Hoof Stick. A gentle way to look after the health of your nails. Push back cuticles ready for removal. A great...

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$ 26,42

Use a variety of waxes in the same heater by using Salon Services Removable Wax Container. It's a removable inner bucket for 1000cc heaters. Includes...

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$ 2,60

Mini Aluminium foil cups for the Salon Services Mini Wax Heater. Box of...

In stock
$ 363,01

Take complete command of your gel nail treatments with the ASP In Control Training Kit. A comprehensive kit with absolutely everything you need to...

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Salon Services Bleach Resistant Towel Steel Pack of 12
$ 54,98 $ 78,53

For durable drying solutions, use Salon Services Bleach Resistant Towels. Supplied here in steel. Towel packs have a dozen highly absorbent...

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$ 20,89

Igora Royal Color10 is the perfect answer for clients who are looking for a high-speed colour service. It delivers beautiful colour results and...

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$ 5,76

Pack of 10 extender nozzles from Salon Services, useful for applying and distributing glue accurately during the application of artificial...

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Salon Services 4 Way Buffer
$ 2,61 $ 3,48

For the perfect finish to your nails use the Salon Services 4 Way Buffer. Give nails a glowing shine with this versatile nail buffer. An essential...

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