top side 
$ 47,28

The classic bog-side plant! Bring a taste of the jungle to your garden oasis with this realistic pondside plant. At nearly 4' tall this elegant...

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Velda Floating Koi Dome Large
$ 135,11 $ 166,79

This novel product was introduced in 2014 and allows you to view your fish in an entirely new way! The Koi Dome from Velda floats on your pond...

In stock
Velda SaniKoi Sturgeon Pro Green 6mm 3ltr 2.1kg (Large Pellets)
$ 31,06 $ 43,14

This larger 6mm pellet food is perfect for feeding larger bottom-feeding fish. High quality ingredients ensure good healthy...

In stock
Velda Floating Lantern (Triple Set)
$ 40,52 $ 47,12

Simply light a tea light candle (supplied) and place it in the floating lantern. The illuminated candle produces an atmospheric light through the...

In stock


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